Edie Sedgwick



I recently watched Factory Girl staring Sienna Miller and I absolutely loved it. Sad story, but very artsy and well done movie. The movie tells the true story of Edie Sedgwick who was a socialite during the Andy Warhol period. She starred in many of Warhol’s movies and quickly rose to fame. However, Edie did get involved in drugs and eventually overdosed at the age of 28. But her story is absolutely amazing and she was so beautiful. She lived a lavish life of fabulosity and fame and she will never be forgotten.

The movie also made me want to read her biography – Edie Sedgwick: An American Girl. I’m on a 60’s/70’s binge right now. I’m currently reading Valley of the Dolls and after that I plan to read Lolita. Here is some more information on Edie if you are interested. Also an interesting fact, she is related to Kyra Sedgwick.



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3 responses to “Edie Sedgwick

  1. gillian

    ditto!!! like absolutely 100%

    i feel so inspired by the movie, but at the same time feel the need to put a leash on any impulses i derive from the story… really interesting though

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  3. “Kate Moss Childhood”

    A song by Caroline-Christa Bernard

    Guitare : Philippe Benoist

    Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cXVUJlmVXY

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