Wally Lamb

wally_lamb_the_hr_i_first_beleivedIt’s hard for me to choose a favorite author… just because there are so many different categories. From Jodi Picoult to Dan Brown to Philippa Gregory – each one is my favorite. However, I can honestly say that unlike the others, I have not read a Wally Lamb book that I was not absolutely in love with. I wasn’t a fan of Picoult’s “Vanishing Acts”,and I wasn’t amazed by Brown’s “Digital Fortress” or Gregory’s “The Boleyn Inheritance”. Although Lamb has only written three books, each of them are among my favorites and I devoured them in only a few days.

The first Wally Lamb book I read was “I Know This Much Is True”. This is about two twins – one who is schizophrenic. It tells the story from the other brother and his troubles with his brother and with his past. What I loved about this book is it’s connection with history and how it connects the past with the present. Lamb has incredible talent for doing this (he does this in “The Fist Hour I Believed” also). I don’t want to give too much away, but Lamb takes an average man and makes him into a fascinating human being with an equally fascinating past. 

The second book I read by him was “She’s Come Undone”. This novel is about a girl (the book begins when she’s about 5) who has an extremely difficult life. She is overweight, self-consious, and brought up in an unstable household. However, her transformation from girl to woman is absolutely unbelieveable. The things she goes through are scary and actually extremely hard to read but the amazing part is Wally Lamb’s ability to write from not only a woman’s perspective but a young girl.

The last book I read, which I just finished a few weeks ago was “The First Hour I Believed”. What I thought would be a book about a family distraught over the Columbine killings (which the back cover informed me) turned out to be a riveting story about a middle-aged man who is extremely lost in life. He, like all the other main characters in Lamb’s books, goes through multiple traumatic events and after every few pages you gasp at a new surprise. 

Again, Wally Lamb takes the ordinary and makes it fascinating. Although these books are pretty lengthy, you will find yourself finishing them within days. I absolutely  love Wally Lamb and his novels – except for the fact that he takes so long to write them! I’m already craving another one.


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2 responses to “Wally Lamb

  1. clarice

    my sister sent me a link about what happens in all the jodi picoult books…so this is perfect cause i need a new author!

  2. Please let me know if you know of any more of Lamb’s works. Or might you have an email address of him? I simply have to tell him that he has a fan in me!

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