Abercrombie: Getting More Fashionable?

I recently started working at Abercrombie and Fitch for the second time. The first time I worked there was 2 summers ago as a model in New York and now I’m working in Boston. (Don’t stalk me please). I’m only working there part-time because I need the extra cash and it’s a pretty easy summer job. Abercrombie has always had the reputation of being very preppy – polos, ripped jeans, and plaid shorts. But being back in the store for the first time in like 2 years, I noticed they were getting a little more fashionable. And other people besides middle school girls might wear this stuff. For example, they had these really cute rompers (but i couldn’t find a picture on the website.) I also really loved this vest. Maybe I’ll buy it with my discount?




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2 responses to “Abercrombie: Getting More Fashionable?

  1. smokeye

    abercrombie has rompers now? wow! im impressed

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