Style Icon: Rachel Bilson

I have been a huge fan of Rachel Bilson ever since the first episode of the OC when she played Summer. She was my favorite character throughout the series – even though she was a complete bitch in the beginning. (Looking back, she kind of reminds me of Blair Waldorf). I loved her even more when her and Adam Brody became a couple. However, now she’s engaged to Hayden Christianson

Rachel’s look is bohemian but very sexy. She has a great style sense and she lives in t-shirts, leather jackets, scarfs, and super high heels. She has amazing variety – she could seriously wear anything and it would look good on her. At one point, she wore the same grey t-shirt to at least 3 events (with heels of course). But still, it shows how laid back her style is. Rachel even has her own denim line. I would say that Rachel Bilson is one of my top 3 style icons. 

I also love her hair. Being a HUGE fan of dark – almost black – hair, I’ve always wanted hair like hers. It’s has a perfect wave to it and she even looks good with bangs – side or straight across. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Rachel.









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