Kristen Stewart’s Converse

So, as many of you probably know, Kristen Stewart wore high top converse with her dress to the MTV Awards. And because of this, she got a lot of hate. However, being an avid K. Stewart fan I didn’t expect anything less. I think it’s pretty ballsy to not wear heels to the awards and it shows how much she doesn’t care what other people think. Plus, she did look cute… you have to admit. Some people just don’t like heels, and Kristen Stewart is one of them. 

Picture 1

Also loved her super awkward acceptance speech for best female role.


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3 responses to “Kristen Stewart’s Converse

  1. nativedreamer

    I thought the outfit with the converse was so her. she’s not a super sexy fashionista in six inch heals like Beyonce. She’s shy and humble so it suited her well. She’s also very confident for having the gutts to do it. It’s stupid that people wasted time complaining about her shoes. There are bigger tragedies in the world.

    I also loved when she dropped the award. She goes, “thank you I love it just as much as I did a minute ago,” or something of that effect. How funny was the kissing tease? Haha.

  2. Katie Choi

    i agree, i thought this outfit was gorgeous. i love that she added the converse shoes, i couldn’t believe my ears when I heard she got a lot of bad rep for wearing converse. this just makes her all the more fabulous. =)

  3. I have admired Converse for a long time. A few years ago I feel that as a business they has gone off the boil. For a short time their eye for design was not what it was and IME, the quality of the goods went downhill. HOWEVER, today I think Converse are the best even though they aren’t the cheapest trainers.

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