American Rag Fashion Show

My roommate Clarice is a brand ambassador for the clothing company American Rag. This past weekend they had a fashion show at Macy’s for their spring line of clothes. 9 other college students and I were chosen to be models in the show. It was a lot of fun – we got our hair and makeup done for free and then we got a free American Rag outfit! My outfit of choice was a black maxi dress, which I have been in search for forever! I’m absolutely in love with it and can’t wait to wear it. Unfortunately, they don’t have pictures of it on their website. But here was another cute dress that I also liked:


The show was hosted by radio host Billy Costa and there was even a live band. Each model modeled 2-3 looks. Here are some pictures from the show!



Check out American Rag at Macy’s!



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2 responses to “American Rag Fashion Show

  1. Holly Battsek

    did you seriously just post that picture…yes you did.
    thank you big..

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