My Undying Love For Stationary

One way that I am very old fashioned is my love for note cards and stationary. I LOVE writing letters (and sending them via snail mail). This is mostly because I am obsessed with stationary. When I pass by a Papyrus or Crane store I HAVE to go in. Even when I go to Barnes and Noble, I have to look at the stationary section. Most of the time I will buy something, whether it’s a new set of note cards or a birthday card for a friend whose birthday isn’t for another three months. I can spend hours in a stationary store… and I mean hours. Over the summer I made all my coworkers go to Papyrus with me on our lunch break and they already bought all their cards before I was even half done looking – they ended up having to drag me out of the store.

This summer I have decided to make my own personalized stationary! I am so excited about it but it will probably take me days to pick out everything I want. However, I know there will be a fleur-de-lys somewhere on it. I decided to do this for when I go to Paris. Even though sending mail will be  more expensive over there… it’s definitely worth it. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite stationary stores/companies:



Kate’s Paperie

Lee’s Artshop

A few pretty ones:



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