Ali Carter: To Jumpsuit Or Not To Jumpsuit

Ali Carter has written another excellent post for me (Thank you Ali!) :

Initially, I had mixed feelings about the jumpsuit.  First of all, they totally reminded me of Jennifer Lopez circa “Jenny from the Block” which, in case you forgot, is when she had cornrows and wore white bandanas.  Secondly, rompers were designed for children.  Should I really be wearing something I would have worn at the age of five?  Also, jumpsuits are so “I Dream of Genie”… Do I even need to explain why that is so utterly wrong?  Unfortunately, those arguments were not enough to dissuade me, so I made a list of why jumpsuits are the perfect purchase for your spring wardrobe:

1. It’s economical.

We can most certainly blame the revival of the jumpsuit to our current economic crisis. A shirt attached to pants – it’s like a friggin’ two for one special and who doesn’t love a deal! (Thank you recession)

2. They’re slutty without being slutty.

Girls love attention.  It’s a fact of life.  Which is why women love to dress like sluts.  The beauty of the romper is that although they’re short and sexy, you can “forget” to wear underwear and still avoid a LiLo moment.  No one wants to see your goodies anyways, so it really makes the whole world a better place. 

3. I bought one.

I know, I know, I totally caved, but the jumpsuit I bought is perfect!  


This Ali Ro romper is awesome.  Totally appropriate for class and would look adorable with an oversized Marc Jacobs bag and gladiator sandals.


This BCBG jumpsuit is the one I bought for myself.  The cinched waist and wide-leg are so flattering.  With a strand of pearls or a turquoise necklace it is the perfect ensemble for a romantic dinner with the boyfriend.


This Splendid romper looks so comfortable and that olive colour will look amazing against sun-kissed skin. 


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