My favorite things and not so favorite things

Favorite things

1. Anything French.

2. People with interesting backgrounds.

3. Getting letters in the mail ! (Thanks Ali) And writing letters back !

4. Rainy days – especially when it’s already rained and then it’s just cloudy and wet outside.

5. Rehab reality shows like “Sober House” and “Intervention”.

6. Walking around Boston at night with no contacts in and all I can see is bright lights (Don’t try this at home unless you are with a friend/do not cross streets).

7. Cleaning. But only since I started living in StuVi. I literally clean the bathroom/kitchen at least twice a week. Lysol is my fave cleaning product – you can use it for anything !

8. Tattoos – which you probably already know.

9. Coffee table books.

10. Waking up really early at like 6 am and knowing I can go back to sleep.

Not so favorite things

1. The beach – sand makes me feel dirty and I’m not a huge fan of a lot of sun but didn’t want to put “the sun” as a not so favorite thing because then everyone would think I was really weird and emo. 

2. Boys at bars who try to hit on me using lines like “I think I’ve seen you before”. NO.

3. Boys at bars who ask me to dance. NO. 

4. Over-analytical girls.

5. Ab workouts.

6. Grape candy, juices, and anything else that’s flavored grape. (I actually like real grapes though).

7. Any movie with Will Ferrell.

8. Philosophy – seriously, what’s the point?

9. Girls who wear a bookbag AND a tiny shoulder purse. BIGGEST FASHION PET PEEVE EVER!! Just put your cell phone and wallet in your bookbag!

10. Green Peace people who attack you on the street with lines like “Do you care about the polar bears” or “Do you want to save a life today?” Yes, but I need to go to class.


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One response to “My favorite things and not so favorite things

  1. Diana

    i can’t believe you like cleaning

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