$6 Loubs

So my mom is in town and we did a little shopping. We went to Saks because she has a gift card from her work and she really wanted these Christian Louboutins forever. She actually didn’t know what they were (and honestly, neither did I until like a year ago). It took a lot of convincing because my mom doesn’t usually drop that much money on one pair of shoes – but they are SO worth it. And I’m so jealous of her because these shoes are FAB. But the gift card covered all of it (she had to pay $6) – can you imagine that – $6 for Louboutins? These are her new shoes!


37607_bk_lAlso check out Christian Louboutin’s website – it’s pretty FAB too.



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2 responses to “$6 Loubs

  1. Holly Battsek

    you said FAB
    so proud.

  2. Diana

    if she’s a 6.5 steal them 🙂
    i’d pay you $7 for them

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