Topshop opens in New York !!

Picture I took when I was in London ! (Topshop at Oxford Circus)

Picture I took when I was in London ! (Topshop at Oxford Circus)

Finally after waiting and waiting… we finally get a Topshop in the states!! It opened April 2nd in New York City and supposedly it was madness!! (Which isn’t hard to believe.) I recently went to Topshop in London while visiting Dana over break and it was insane – there were 4 floors – clothes and shoes EVERYWHERE!! And there was even a nail salon on one of the floors – it’s kind of like a Saks Fifth Avenue for the younger crowd.

But if you’re in London, to get the full Topshop experience, you have to go to the one in Oxford Circus. However, if you don’t plan on leaving the states anytime soon… definitely try the one in New York – the address is 478 Broadway and Broome Street.

Kate Moss is featured in the new Spring Collection campaign. I know there are a lot of haters out there but I personally love her. Take a look at some of the pictures!


Click here to visit!

Also Topshop has their own blog called Insideout – and it’s truly amazing so I definitely recommend checking that out as well:

And even better – follow them on Twitter!

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