Music Icon: Sia

2566_by_siaMost people don’t know much about Sia except that she’s Australian and bisexual. But there really is A LOT more to her than that. She’s actually worked with Zero 7 before she got really famous (her first big hit was “Breathe Me”). I first found “Breathe Me” on an episode of The Hills and instantly downloaded it. Then it was on previews for the show “Intervention” (another favorite of mine). And I recently heard it on a movie’s preview, but I forget which one. Anyway, Sia has a really unique voice but very beautiful. All of her songs are very climactic – especially my current favorite “Soon We’ll Be Found”. Her voice is so amazing and powerful in this song – and you’ve most likely heard it somewhere. Other than that, another favorite of mine is “Taken For Granted” which was her first hit single. This song actually features strings from the ballet Romeo and Juliet – which is also one of my favorite ballet pieces and one I used to dance to. So definitely give her a listen!



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2 responses to “Music Icon: Sia

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. lauren

    i saw her perform at the Australia MTV video music awards. she was pretty good and very original (as in out there bordering on weird lol)

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