Where was LMFAO all my life?

Thanks to my new Cali friend, Pinkie, I have recently discovered the “band” (well it’s really only two guys) LMFAO. They are definitely a Cali group – but I think everyone would love them. They are truly amazing.

Their most popular songs are:

1. I’m In Miami B*tch

2. Yes

3. Lalala

They also do a great remix of Love Lockdown.

My personal favorite is “Yes”. Here is the music video:

Definitely listen to all their songs though!


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One response to “Where was LMFAO all my life?

  1. carriestar44

    I agree LMFAO has been killing it! They’re so hot. I check their blog/website: http://www.lmfaonews.com all the time! They’re also hitting up music festivals–just finished Winter Music Conference in Miami, and are doing Coachella in April and Bamboozle in May. All fans got to see their shows, they do it big!!!

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