When I grow up…

From the time I was little (and not too little – maybe like middle school) I wanted to grow up to be one of two things. I guess they would be considered unconventional… it’s not something I would say when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. 

Ok so the first thing I wanted to be is a con artist. I wanted to be one of those really hot vixens who make men fall in love with her and then she takes their money (and sometimes kills them). I’ve thought of various scenarios of how I would accomplish this. My inspiration included Catch Me If You Can and Heartbreakers. But I wanted to be a really bad ass con artist too and become really famous. And then in the end I would fall in love with a man I was trying to con and we would live happily ever after. Ok that’s dream number one.

Plan number two isn’t as thought out as the first. But I wanted to be the girlfriend of a mafioso. Or not even a girlfriend… just one of those really hot Italian women who would sit by the pool all day in a bathing suit and with a flick of a finger she could have someone killed. She lives in a huge mansion in Italy (owned by the Italian mafia) with a million body guards and little kids running around. And she only wears clothes made  by Gucci and Prada. My inspiration for this came mostly from The Sopranos and The Godfather.

Ok so as you can see, both scenarios would probably send me to prison in reality. However, a girl can dream right?

Note: By no means am I violent person and in no way do I condone killing people. These are just silly thoughts of an imaginative  thirteen year old. My current major does not include weaponry nor do I have any connection to the mafia. 


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  1. dianamella

    i can so see you as a gangster’s wife walking around in red stilettos 🙂

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