The top 10 things I must have in my wardrobe at all times

1. Little black dresses. I would be lost without them. I can’t get enough and will most likely buy one when I see one even though they already take up half my closet. And I’m currently broke.

2. Black spandex. I live in spandex – I have three pairs of regular black spandex, one pair of black flare spandex, one pair of black shiny spandex, one pair of green flare spandex, one pair of gray flare spandex, and one pair of regular brown spandex. I truly have an obsession.

3. Mary Jane High Heels. I have one peep toe and one regular pump. The peep toe is my entire life – I wear that pretty much every weekend and it’s already getting worn. I dread the day when I have to replace them.

4. Long sweaters. Living in Boston, I have collected many long sweaters and cardigans over the years – black, purple, blue, brown – you name it, I have it.

5. My cowboy boots. When searching for cowboy boots after I found out I needed them for Sweet Home Delta Gamma, I found the perfect pair at Bakers. We have been attached ever since.

6. H&M scarfs. There never comes a day in Boston when I am not wearing either my gray, black, or pink H&M scarf. (Sometimes I will whip out my green and gold patterned pashmena I got off the streets in New York). But H&M scarfs are the best.

7. Stud earrings. I never go out in public without my studs on. Either pearl or diamond (both fake of course). And I rarely wear long earrings except my gold chandelier ones from Urban. This is mostly because the guy messed up my right ear when I got it pierced when I was 4 years old and the hole is too close to the bottom – so if I wear too heavy earrings, my hole will eventually rip. Gross, I I know.

8. Dresses. Yes, LBDs are my fave but any kind of dress will do. In the summer I live in dresses (I don’t do shorts). And winter dresses like sweater dressers are also a favorite of mine.

10. Bobby pins/butterfly clips. I hardly ever wear my hair down by itself. It’s almost always pinned or clipped back in someway when it’s down.


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  1. Juj, you should have just said everything black! But the descriptions are perf. They are the essence of the juju!! me gusta!

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