Preparing For Paris

Upon hearing that I got accepted to Paris, my first reaction besides “OMG I’M GOING TO PARIS!” was “OMG I’M GOING TO NEED A WHOLE NEW WARDROBE!” Aside from New York, Paris is the fashion capital of the world and I need to keep up. (Even though I definitely cannot come close to all the high-fashion Parisians walking the streets). But a girl’s gotta try.

So my list of things to get for Paris include:

1. New Black Leather Boots –  (My suede one’s are destroyed.) I’ve looked on Steve a million times (because that’s pretty much where I get all my shoes) and can’t find the perfect pair. Help?!

2. Knit Beret/Ear Warmers – I saw the cutest berets and ear warmers at Urban Outfitters in London and figured they’d have them at Urban here…but no. The ear warmers were black knit with a knit rose on the top and I wanted it SO bad. And I need to get on it before all the winter stuff is gone.

3. New AG Jeans – my AG jeans are my favorite jeans EVER. They fit amazingly and I want dark ones. 

4. Long sweaters – Paris is cold!! And long sweaters are my life.

5. New Uggs – Boston weather has destroyed mine. But dilemma – do I get the light color again or the darker?

6. New Heels – NOT BLACK! All of my heels are black – ’cause that’s pretty much all I wear – but I need to change it up. I was thinking red.

7. New Makeup – I’m getting bored with my eyeliner and need a new look. I’m thinking different colored eyeliners. 

8. Trench Coat – CHECK!! When my dad was here last weekend he bought me an amazing trench coat from United Colors of Benetton. I’m literally obsessed with it and can’t wait for warm weather to start to debut it. It’s black (obvi) and amazing. Picture below:

New Trench Coat

Ps. United Colors of Benetton is having a sale – 25% everything with buttons! They have some really cute stuff so I definitely recommend gong. 

Any other suggestions for things I need for Paris???


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