Praise God for Heidi Montag’s Twitter

So for those who know me, I’m a little obsessed with Lauren Conrad (well… that’s an understatement). But I also HATE Heidi and Spencer… like legit can’t stand them and I cringe when they come on the show. However, I’ll admit that I do follow them both on Twitter. And I have confirmation that Heidi is actually SO WEIRD!! For those of you who aren’t following her… you should… it’s very entertaining. But it gets annoying very fast. Heidi pretty much takes up my entire Twitter wall…she posts like every five seconds (well her and Ashton Kutcher). She NEEDS a life. Here are some excerpts from her Twitter: (Keep in mind this was over the course of THREE days). 

montagheidi: thank you God for life! thank you for choosing me to be born and alive
montagheidi: praise Jesus!
montagheidi: going to take a quick nap long day getting locked out! lol thank you Jesus for my phone!!! love u all xoxoxo God bless stay positive!
montagheidi: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths
montagheidi: going to enjoy the fresh air!! thank you God for the sun, trees, air, birds, life!!! what a life
montagheidi: God rest his soul

Ok these were only a few (all from a period of 3 days) – there are many many more! I have nothing against God but i think this is a little excessive? And weird?

Check out Heidi’s twitter at:


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