If Anyone Knows Fashion… It’s Ali Carter

Ali Carter - An Amazing Friend and Fashion Guru

Ali Carter - An Amazing Friend and Fashion Guru

In response to my “Preparing for Paris” entry, my style-savy friend, Ali, facebook messaged me with a list of fashion advice. She went to high school in Switzerland and has travelled all over Europe so she really knows the Euro style.

Seriously, this is the girl who went out and bought bright green Louis Vuitton pumps on her lunch break, lent me her red, white, and blue DVF tube top for the Fourth of July, and taught me how to do the side braid. Ali is my fashion go-to… so everyone should take her advice!

She told me:

1) even though i love my steve maddens, you should try taking advantage of the post winter sales. saks is a little pricey, but you may be able to find winter shoes at an affordable price. just look for the cheaper labels like tory burch and cole haan… you’re bound to find something sexy.

2) buy darker uggs. i hate the light coloured ones. they look cheap and don’t look as good with black (your signature colour)

3) red high heels are fun (and i love the song by kelly pickler) but you should definitely get a nude sandal. it will elongate your legs and matches every ensemble. because this will become your go-to heel, you should buy a cheap pair from steve madden because you don’t want to muck up a pair of louvs.


Who knows…maybe Ali will have to be a weekly fashion advice giver on this blog…

Love you Ali!


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