After years and years of waiting, I am finally getting a tattoo !! I have seriously wanted one since I was 10 – but could never decide on what or where to get it. (And of course I was never allowed). But after a long (and I mean LONG) discussion with my dad we decided that I can get one when I come home for the summer as long as he picks the place and he’s there. And thus, the start of my blog!

I was planning on getting one for my 21st birthday – but the sooner the better! I won’t disclose what I’m getting but I will say that I’m getting it on the back of my neck. I’ve researched tattoos for years and years and years trying to find the PERFECT one. So i thought i would share some of  my influences. (Although my tattoo will be really small compared to these).

Angeline Jolie

Angelina's tattoo

Angelina Jolie – Angelina is all tattooed out but I really like the one on her back of the latitude and longitudes of where her kids were born.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria's tattoo

I LOVE this tattoo – I don;t know what it means but this is probably my favorite. 

Nicole Richie

Nicole's tattoo

Nicole Richie – I don’t think I’d get one like this but I think it’s original (even though a lot of people have angel wings) but hers is more artistic.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox's tattoo

Megan Fox – Another one of my favorites – I love quote tattoos. And i love this location.

Megan Fox 2

Megan Fox's other tattoo

Megan Fox – really love this quote and the font. 

Jessica Alba

Jessica's tattoo

Jessica Alba – love the simplicity of this tattoo (I think it means flower of the lotus). Hint: this is similar to my future one!



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2 responses to “Tats

  1. Jana

    AH are you getting something in sanskrit? i was going to get karma on my foot last year but reevaluated the consequences of getting a tattoo… like not being invited back into my home… haha

    • jea412

      hahah i know what you mean…my dad threatened to not pay for the rest of my college if i got one but after A LOT of begging and pleading he gave in (which i recommend). but no it’s not something in sanskrit – it has to do with the flower meaning. i’ll tell you the next time i see you – i just already had some drama with copying so i’m keeping it dl. but i like the karma idea! and i like foot tattoos too!

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